Lauren Blalock

Multidisciplinary Designer

Originally from Memphis TN, Lauren Blalock is a designer now happily calling New York home. She is a designer who has spent her career working across the realms of architecture, exhibition design, and branded environments. When not designing, she is most likely on the hunt for new music. If you wish to work together or share a good tune, you can contact her at

Designing a 3,000,000sf workplace for Google in New York City, we are constantly challenged to create graphics that leave a lasting impression. Using Google’s public data explorer we gather relevant information for each of the graphic locations and tie it back to Google. Much of the data visualizations are created with visual references to Google “Easter Eggs” that have been hidden through their search algorithm. This allows each graphic to be relevant and adds an extra layer of discovery for the Googlers that walk the halls of the New York campus.

Environmental Design          
Design Direction: Stephanie Wilkins
Lead Design: Jennifer Choi
Designers: Lauren Blalock

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